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Thanks to our Sisterhood Chairwoman and her committee, our Phi Mu sisters stay connected throughout the year with multiple fun events and activities. 

These events allow members to get to know their own pledge class better and meet upperclassman as well!



Big/Little Reveal

After Bid Day, our phis (new members) get welcomed deeper into our sisterhood by receiving a "big."


A big can be anything from a mentor, sister, or your new best friend! 

The bigs enjoy this moment because they get connected to the new pledge class, and the legacy of their "family" lives on. 


Phi Retreat

Within the first few weeks of membership, the new pledge class takes a retreat to do something fun! 

This could be anything form going to the Fort Worth Zoo, to going ice skating, or having a sleepover in the "Mu Mansion."


Sisterhood Retreat

Each spring, our sisters celebrate another year together by going on a sisterhood retreat in which members focus on spending time with our sisters and building deeper bonds!


All of our members enjoy spending this time together and participating in fun games and activities. We love having all our sisters together at one place and slow down from our busy lives!


Other Events

There is always something to do in Texas - and a group of Phi Mus is likely to always be there. 

It's especially fun when you get to travel the world together!

There is always something to do with your sisters! 

Epsilon Iota

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